Canvas Prints


Images taken by former street children, with disposable cameras, in and around Hillbrow, Johannesburg, South Africa.
Stretched canvas prints 50mm depth. Available in A4, A3 and A2 sizes. Production outsourced locally.

"The images portrayed in these exhibitions are "miniatures of reality", rendering a "landscape of voluptuous extremes". However, what the photographer saw and what is ultimately interpreted by the viewer or receiver are almost certainly worlds apart: Ultimately, an image sans the written word shifts the interpretation from the author to the receiver. The photographers themselves often participate in the images of these exhibitions, sometimes using a hand, a shadow to reach out to the subject matter. In this way, the viewer is literally made aware of their presence, rendering another layer of immediacy to the image. A thread of urban stories belongs to each of the photographs in these exhibitions. Images are layered with unintended juxtapositions and incidental metaphors. They are also the images of delight, bleakness, irony and reality that make up the corners of these kids' worlds." 
- Marguerite Pienaar